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Progress report

November 29, 2012

Hello everyone!

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who’s bought my books since my last blog update. I hope you’ve enjoyed the story and will continue to follow Rumpo and the other characters on their future adventures. Don’t hesitate to post comments and reviews, either here, on iUniverse or on Amazon. All feedback is welcome.

So, what’s happened since last time? I’m pleased to tell you that work on Wrath of the Medallion, the third and final volume of this series is progressing slowly but steadily. My estimate would be that I’m about one-third of the way through the first draft, which means it’d take me about two more years to finish it. This is definitely the biggest challenge so far – everything has to be tied together for the grand finale. I hope the end will be epic enough to live up to everyone’s expectations.

What else can I tell you about the new book without spoiling anything? There’ll be at least three new PoV-characters, belonging to three different races/nationalities. This far I’ve focused less on the battles and more on the other problems and tasks the characters face. There’s a lot going on in many different places, which will hopefully give the reader an even more thrilling journey than before.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your continued support!

Brothers In Arms – Book Two of the Hippo Chronicles

September 11, 2011

Hello my friends!

I know I haven’t posted anything here in ages, but now I have some very interesting news that will hopefully make up for the long wait. First, I’m very happy to announce that Brothers In Arms, the second volume in the series about the hippos of Filpini, will be released sometime in the near future. I finished the main text back in August, and am now in the middle of the long and arduous editing process. My goal is that the book will hit the shelves before the end of the year, but I can’t promise anything yet.

The new book will be quite a bit longer than On Hostile Ground. The story is bigger, there are often things going on in more than one place at the same time, and there’ll be seven PoV-characters compared to five in the first book. There will be some truly epic moments as well as some very humorous ones, so you’d better be prepared for both laughter and tears. I’ll post an excerpt here once the manuscript is finished, either from the prologue or from one of the first chapters. The book will begin with a scene taking place some 1275 years before the beginning of the actual story, hopefully adding some depth and providing background information that’ll help the reader understand some of the later events.

But this isn’t all I have to tell. On Hostile Ground will be featured in an upcoming edition of the New York Review Of Books (, a distinguished magazine with more than 150.000 subscribers. This will hopefully make more book lovers and retailers aware of the book and boost sales a little.

More news will follow soon, so don’t forget to keep an eye on this place. In the meantime: take care, and remember that autumn is the season for good books!

Progress report – sequel

January 8, 2010

Hello people! I´m sorry I haven´t updated this blog in a while, but there hasn´t been that much to tell about. In October I visited Rome, which is a good place for fantasy authors to find inspiration, with all the old architecture and everything.

I´m curently working on the sequel to On Hostile Ground, which I named The Alliance in the foreword but now goes by the name of Brothers in Arms. I´m just about to finish the first draft of chapter 12, so still a long way to go before it´s finished. I can reveal that part of it will take place in the island kingdom of Indesse, where Rumpo and Basordan are sent to form an alliance with the stubborn, morose inhabitants. There´ll also be some new POV characters which I hope the reader will find enjoyable.

That´s all for now. I´ll be back when I have more information to share with you. In the meantime: take care, and I hope everyone had a nice holiday season!