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Progress report – sequel

January 8, 2010

Hello people! I´m sorry I haven´t updated this blog in a while, but there hasn´t been that much to tell about. In October I visited Rome, which is a good place for fantasy authors to find inspiration, with all the old architecture and everything.

I´m curently working on the sequel to On Hostile Ground, which I named The Alliance in the foreword but now goes by the name of Brothers in Arms. I´m just about to finish the first draft of chapter 12, so still a long way to go before it´s finished. I can reveal that part of it will take place in the island kingdom of Indesse, where Rumpo and Basordan are sent to form an alliance with the stubborn, morose inhabitants. There´ll also be some new POV characters which I hope the reader will find enjoyable.

That´s all for now. I´ll be back when I have more information to share with you. In the meantime: take care, and I hope everyone had a nice holiday season!